Radio Arcane is a collective of Dark Music Specialists headquartered in Louisville, KY that host events, live music and a curated, nighttime oddities and art market called The Dark Market.

A podcast featuring music, interviews and discussion is also available on various streaming services through links available on this site.

More recently, we have branched out with our own streaming radio service and are working with affiliates abroad. Our primary focus being a love of what we describe as “Dark Eclectic Music” involves a variety of sounds, to include Gothic, Darkwave, Post-Punk, Industrial, EBM, Coldwave, Synthwave, Synthpop, New Wave, Minimal, New Romantic and other related genres.

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All upcoming events have been postponed or canceled. Stay tuned for future updates.

Latest Podcast

20 : La Procesión de lo Infinitio

20 : La Procesión de lo Infinitio

Featuring a discussion with South American Gothic Rock Romantics - La Procesión de lo Infinitio.

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