Dead Of Night & The Dark Market featuring Hemlock for Socrates

Dead Of Night & The Dark Market featuring Hemlock for Socrates

The Nightmare continues on Friday, June 30th as Dead Of Night & The Dark Market keep up the monthly grind of dark eclectic music. Come out and help keep the dancefloor barely alive as we celebrate the glum drudgery of our dreadful existence.

This month will feature:

  • Live performance by Hemlock for Socrates (Pittsburgh)
  • Radio Arcane Dark Music Specialists - Count Grozny / Sorrow-Vomit
  • Vending by the talented Dark Market.
  • Food Truck - Dino's C-Food & More
  • Drinks by the enchanting Lany StarDust

$10 cover

Hemlock for Socrates (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
"Sounds like the sci-fi / fantasy section at the used book store."


"What is their music like? Their sound is like cool soil running through your fingers. It’s the zap on the tip of your tongue gently touched against a battery. It’s braving the bitter wilderness with a bow in hand, that shoots laser beams" - First Angel Media

"The music featured on this gothic electropop duo’s latest release could soundtrack an immersive haunted house video game. “Hit the Bottom” alternates dramatically between loud and soft, the dynamic shifts tied together with emotive singing and menacing synth pulses." - Bored In Pittsburgh

"Springing from sparse whispers into a rise of activity and back again ... vocals interacting with an unusual beat and shadowy, erupting guitar" - Skull Valley
"Dramatic vocal performances and ominous gray pads ... covered in existential dread" - Divide and Conquer.

Art Sanctuary 1433 S Shelby St.
Louisville, Kentucky 40217
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