Evening Tea - Rapsodia Satanica (1917) feat. Water Is The Sun

Evening Tea - Rapsodia Satanica (1917) feat. Water Is The Sun

Radio Arcane presents Evening Tea live!
Featuring a rare opportunity to view the 1917 Italian film Satan’s Rhapsody (Rapsodia Satanica) on a large screen with a live performance to the film by Water Is The Sun
The film is right at 45 minutes in length.

About the film:

Rapsodia Satanica is a 1915 Italian silent film directed by Nino Oxilia featuring Lyda Borelli in a female version of Faust based on poems by Fausto Maria Martini.
Pietro Mascagni wrote his only film music for the film and conducted the first performance in July 1917.
This will be the English release, of course, with text translated from the original Italian.
Of particular interest about this film was that it was an early attempt at color and is not the typical black and white silent film. To do this, each frame was hand inked, which creates a gorgeously surreal feel to the movie that is unique and beautiful.
A must see for any film history lovers.

About the band:

Water Is The Sun - US 2024
There are moments of silent depth in which the winter of the scalpel of meaning and the spring of the sound-born, unleashed body look upon the world fully present. when the notes at last are heard, the ordered world is their indistinguishable score. the ritual of process is that which carries. the process of ritual is that which brings moments both transitory and immortal, apprehended by musician, seer, clairvoyant, herald; the welling tones that emanate from the crystal salt of shattered primordial sea; the melody that creeps unheard from unseen distance across the desert blaze and the knowledge of man; the hymns that blare in whispers from mountain peak and valley depth, beams of their power streaming into the ordered world, in confluence with body, voice and soul, dissolving it again and again.

18+ Entry
21+ Bar
$8 advanced
$12 day of show

Art Sanctuary 1433 S Shelby St.
Louisville, Kentucky 40217
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