VAZUM / Blood Handsome / Cold Choir - Live at Art Sanctuary

VAZUM / Blood Handsome / Cold Choir - Live at Art Sanctuary

Radio Arcane presents:

VAZUM (Detroit, Michigan)
Blood Handsome (Los Angeles, California)
Cold Choir (Asheville, North Carolina)
Live performance at Art Sanctuary

Deathgaze duo from Detroit, MI. Comprised of Zach Pliska (vocals/guitar/drums) and Emily Sturm (vocals/bass) VAZUM create a haunting and original sound combining elements of deathrock, post-punk and shoegaze. Since forming in 2017, VAZUM have released a steady stream of and music and videos which the duo produce from their own Light Echo Studios.

Blood Handsome

Cold Choir
Electro/Darkwave duo with poetic, evocative lyrics, sensual vocals dressed in a cloak of moody soul, with a ferocious power and a vulnerable delivery. Growing up in Miami in the 90s they were heavily influenced by the music they would encounter playing in the clubs of the time. From Electro and Freestyle to Darkwave and Techno their music has no rules or boundaries.

18+ entry
21+ bar
$12 cover

Art Sanctuary 1433 S Shelby St.
Louisville, Kentucky 40217
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