04 : Kaleidoscope


Fourth episode of Radio Arcane with hosts Brian Drabant, Motuvius Rex, Gothic Bastard and Sorrow Vomit : Featuring interview with dj Kaleidoscope of Radio Arcane about music she is currently into, some of her background and how she got involved in music. Brian Cole of Funeral Party Records also shows up for more because doing a podcast SLAPS! : Specialty segment 'Deep Cuts' with Sorrow Vomit : And quite a bit of awkward banter between the hosts to keep them from weeping and moaning their mortal gloom. Recorded and produced at the non-profit Art Sanctuary in Louisville, KY, Radio Arcane is a collective of Dark Music Specialists that host events, live music and dark arts entertainment.

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Podcast Playlist

  • ACTORS - L'appel Du Vide
  • Boy Harsher - Tears
  • Second Still - Opening
  • Geometric Vision - Apocalypse Queen
  • Drab Majesty - Cold Souls
  • Sextile - Disco
  • Ritual Howls - Love Cuts
  • She Past Away - Katarsis
  • Message - Dernière Nuit
  • For Against - Fate
  • Rhythm & Faith - Young Too Young Girl
  • VR Sex - Surrender