06 : Fearing


Sixth episode of Radio Arcane with hosts Brian Drabant and Motuvius Rex : Featuring interview and live performance of the band Fearing : Brian Cole of Funeral Party Records also hangs out for commentary after touring with Fearing from city to city and back home : Specialty segment 'Deep Cuts' with Sorrow Vomit : Crackin' some beers with Fearing fans and some of the Radio Arcane Crew : And quite a bit of awkward banter between the hosts to keep them from weeping and moaning their mortal gloom. Recorded and produced at the non-profit Art Sanctuary in Louisville, KY, Radio Arcane is a collective of Dark Music Specialists that host events, live music and dark arts entertainment.

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Podcast Playlist

  • Fearing - Behind The Mask
  • Fearing - Rose & Web
  • Fearing - Another Night
  • Fearing - Untitled
  • Fearing - Untitled
  • Fearing - Untitled
  • Asylum Party - Pure Joy In My Heart
  • Passion Noire - Silence & Devotion
  • Ostia - Everyday Devils & Angels
  • Fearing - Black Sand