11 : Mr. Kitty, PASTEL GHOST, Panic Priest


Eleventh episode of Radio Arcane with hosts Brian Drabant, Kaleidoscope, Sorrow Vomit, Motuvius Rex and AndrOspore : Featuring interviews of Panic Priest, PASTEL GHOST and Mr. Kitty before their live performances at Art Sanctuary with Radio Arcane on October 8, 2019 : Recorded and produced at the non-profit Art Sanctuary in Louisville, KY, Radio Arcane is a collective of Dark Music Specialists that host events, live music and dark arts entertainment.

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Podcast Playlist

  • Mr.Kitty - Habits (feat. PASTEL GHOST)
  • Panic Priest - Die Divine
  • Panic Priest - Sideways
  • Panic Priest - Gaffer
  • Pastel Ghost - POSSESSION
  • Pastel Ghost - CLOUDS
  • Pastel Ghost - 3NDL3SS
  • Mr.Kitty - After Dark
  • Mr.Kitty - Destruction of Us
  • Mr.Kitty - Make It Right (feat. 滲音かこい)
  • Mr.Kitty - I Hope You Fall Apart
  • Mr.Kitty - Disconnect Lover